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How does a check valve work

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Update time : 2020-06-15 19:08:45
Check valve is a valve that only allows fluid to flow in one direction. It is also called a card valve, check valve, check valve, etc. Check valves can be divided into different types according to their different structures, such as swing type, swash plate type, piston type, butterfly type and globe check valve. This small class will introduce the most common and most designed The simple one is the swing check valve.
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Structure of swing check valve
The structure of the swing check valve is shown in the figure, and its top is the bonnet part. The valve cover is fixed to the valve body by a series of bolts on the edge, and is sealed with a gasket. There is a bolt in the center of the valve cover for installing a pressure gauge or venting the valve.
The gasket is used to seal the gap between the valve body and the bonnet. It is made of a relatively soft material.
The valve seat is the position where the valve body contacts the valve flap, and it separates the inlet and outlet of the valve.
The main body of the valve flap is a round metal plate, which is connected to the valve body through a hinge mechanism, and is used to realize the unidirectional passage of fluid.
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There are two flanges at the end of the valve, which can be bolted or directly welded to the pipeline. Both ends of the flange are also sealed with gaskets.
Working principle of swing check valve
The disc is usually pressed against the valve seat. When the fluid pressure at the inlet increases, overcoming the weight of the valve flap and the fluid pressure at the outlet, the valve flap will open, and the pressure point at which flow begins to be generated is called the valve opening pressure. As the pressure increases, the flap will gradually reach the fully open position.
If the flow comes from the outlet side of the valve, and the outlet pressure is greater than the inlet pressure, the valve closes and fluid cannot pass through the valve.
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Advantages and disadvantages of swing check valve
The most significant advantage of the swing check valve is that the pressure drop from the inlet to the outlet is very low. This valve is very suitable for high flow and low flow rate application scenarios. Not only that, the turbulence generated by the fluid through the valve is also very small.
In addition, this valve is easy to maintain. If the valve leaks, you can directly replace the seat ring and valve flap and other components without dismantling the entire valve for maintenance.
However, the swing check valve is not suitable for systems with large pressure fluctuations. The pressure fluctuations will cause the valve to repeatedly open and close, causing damage to the valve flap or valve seat, resulting in valve leakage.
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