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Difference Between Globe Valve and Check Valve

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Update time : 2020-06-15 19:20:39
Shut-off valve is a commonly used shut-off valve, mainly used to connect or shut off the medium in the pipeline, generally not used to adjust the flow rate. Shut-off valve is suitable for a wide range of pressure and temperature, but it is generally used for medium and small diameter pipes.
The shut-off valve is a valve in which the closing member (valve) moves along the center line of the valve seat.
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The globe valve is mainly used for cutting off in the pipeline. Globe valves have the following advantages:
1. The friction force of the sealing surface during opening and closing is smaller than that of the gate valve, and it is wear-resistant.
2. The opening height is small.
3. Usually there is only one sealing surface, the manufacturing process is good, and it is easy to maintain.
Globe valves are more commonly used, but due to the large opening and closing torque and long structural length, the nominal diameter is generally limited to DN≤200mm. The fluid resistance loss of the globe valve is large. This limits the wider use of globe valves.
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There are many types of globe valves, which can be divided according to the position of the thread on the stem:
1. Upper threaded stem stop valve
The thread of the stem of the globe valve is outside the valve body. The advantage is that the valve stem is not eroded by the medium and is easy to lubricate. This structure is more commonly used. As shown in Figure 2-8.
2. Lower threaded stem stop valve
The thread of the stem of the globe valve is in the valve body. The stem threads of this structure are in direct contact with the medium, are susceptible to erosion, and cannot be lubricated. This structure is used in places with small diameter and low temperature. As shown in Figure 2-9.
According to the channel direction of the shut-off valve, it can be divided into: straight-through shut-off valve, angle shut-off valve and three-way shut-off valve. The latter two shut-off valves are usually used to change the medium flow direction and distribute the medium.
Check valve basic definition and reference standard conditions
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The check valve is a valve that can automatically prevent the backflow of fluid. The valve flap of the check valve opens under the action of fluid pressure, and the fluid flows from the inlet side to the outlet side. When the pressure on the inlet side is lower than the outlet side, the valve flap automatically closes under the effect of the fluid pressure difference, its own gravity and other factors to prevent the fluid from flowing backward.
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The role of this type of check valve is to only allow the medium to flow in one direction, and prevent the direction of flow. Usually this kind of valve works automatically. Under the effect of the fluid pressure flowing in one direction, the valve flap opens; when the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the valve flap and the self-coincidence of the valve flap act on the valve seat to cut off the flow. Among them, the check valve belongs to this type of valve, which includes a swing check valve and a lift check valve. The swing check valve has a hinge mechanism, and a flap like a door freely rests on the inclined valve seat surface.
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