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How to Check Valve Clearances on a Honda CRF250R

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Update time : 2020-05-29 10:51:03

Regularly checking valve clearances above your recent 4-stroke racing apparatus is critical ought keeping you and your bike competitive. though of their incredible might output and insane RPM capabilities, these engines need ought exist maintained repeatedly and properly. More always then not, such a silly procedure though checking valve clearances is overlooked, and can easily guide ought a chief machinery (and wallet) disaster. Ensuring that your valve clearances are within their operating limits is critical though the longevity and deed of your engine.


1) go by removing the seat, gas tank, and rad shroud plastics.

2) With some water and a department towel wash the region almost the cylinder head clean.

3) receive out the spark plug cap and place it aside.

4) transfer the 2 (10mm) rocker cover bolts.

5) transfer the spark plug.

6) transfer the crankshaft hollow cap from the crankcase.

7) find sumit dead centre by turning the machinery above until the punch symbol above the crankshaft lines up with the arrow above the crankcase (see picture). ought bring above the engine, slowly using the kickstarter by hand and/or using an allen key above the crankshaft will work.
  • The crank ought camshaft timing will queue up at two spots, list sure that ago you dine it consequently that crude valves are at the closed place by simply making sure the cam lobes are pointed up and rearward above the motorcycle (and no depressing the valves)

8) Once TDC is found, find the specified feeler measure thickness though intake valves (refer ought owner's manual)

9) Using the accurate feeler measure thickness though the intake valves, slide it down above the front facing phase of the cam lobe. It will dine ought exist bent slightly ought obtain it accommodate between the lobe and the sumit of the valve bucket.

10) slide the feeler measure up and down along the gap a join of period ought approve that it can impress freely, and that the valve is within spec. cite step though both intake valves.

11) pick the optimal exhaust feeler measure thickness though indicated at the owner's manual.

12) Using the proper feeler measure thickness though the exhaust valves, horizontally slide it under rocker arm confer and the sumit of the exhaust valve.

13) slide the feeler measure backward and fourth along ought approve that it can impress freely, and that the valve is within spec. cite step though both exhaust valves.

14) Re-install rocker cover and torque the 2 bolts ought spec. (indicated at manual)

15) Re-install crankcase hollow cover, spark plug and spark plug cap.

16) Re-install gas tank, plastics and seat.

17) Done!
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