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Investment 7 billion, coal to ethanol project started

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Update time : 2020-07-07 13:26:55

On June 27 and 28, the construction of the general substation and buildings of Yanchang Petroleum Yushen energy and Chemical Co., Ltd., which was EPC contracted by Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd., broke ground.

On June 27, the ground breaking of the general substation of the whole plant started construction three days ahead of the third level schedule, marking that the general transformer project team has officially entered the civil construction stage, laying a solid foundation for completing the milestone node goal of "9.30 main building capping" this year.

It is reported that the main transformer of the whole plant is the core device and power supply center of the project. Two 110 / 37 kV and 90 MV outdoor power transformers (equipped with on load tap changer), seven 110 kV indoor distribution devices (GIS) and one set of 35 kV power distribution device are designed. The 35kV Power distribution device mainly provides double circuit 35kV Power Supply for the 35 / 10kV regional substation of the project. It is planned to meet the power receiving conditions on June 25, 2021 and CCCC on June 30, 2021.

On June 28, the construction of plant wide warehouse of the whole plant building project was officially started. The building group of the whole plant includes administrative management area, auxiliary production facilities and whole plant warehouse, with a total of 11 single buildings (central control room, central laboratory, production office building, comprehensive maintenance, fire station, gas prevention station, shift apartment building, activity center, chemicals and dangerous goods warehouse, spare parts warehouse and temporary storage facilities for hazardous wastes).

Faced with the characteristics of wide construction scope and large amount of building objects, the building project team of the whole plant comprehensively combs all links and scientifically plans construction nodes. Combined with the actual difficulties of the project, it scientifically coordinates the construction unit, actively coordinates with the owner and supervision department, and strives to complete the 50% node target of civil engineering according to the annual overall progress requirements.

In 2020, Yushen Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. will focus on the goals of three "completion", "two" 50% "and one" start "to promote the construction of ethanol project. The three" completion "means to complete the annual investment of 1.18 billion yuan, complete the signing of EPC contract for ethanol project and complete the long-term equipment procurement; two" 50% "means to complete 50% detailed design and 50% civil construction; one" start "is the beginning Equipment installation.

On June 2, the signing ceremony of EPC general contract for the 500000 T / a coal-based ethanol project of Yanchang Petroleum Yushen energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. was held in Xi'an. Li Junlin, executive director of Yulin Shenneng chemical company, signed EPC contracts for ethanol project with Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Company and aerospace Long March engineering company respectively.

Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co., Ltd., affiliated to Shaanxi Construction Group Co., Ltd., won two bid sections, totaling 3.78 billion yuan. The EPC general contracting of the first and second bid sections of the project includes public auxiliary device and whole plant system engineering, process unit and water treatment system. As the EPC general contractor of the gasification unit of the project, aerospace engineering company signed a general contract with Yushen Energy Chemical Co., Ltd., with a contract amount of 590 million yuan. Two 2000 ton space furnaces are used in the project.

Yanchang Petroleum Yushen 500000 T / a coal-based ethanol project adopts dimethyl ether carbonylation technology jointly developed by Yanchang Petroleum and Dalian Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with an annual output of 500000 tons of ethanol. The project, with an investment of 6.98 billion yuan, is located in the south area of Qingshui Industrial Park, Yushen Industrial Park, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, covering an area of 1365 mu. It is planned to deliver the project in mid December 2021 and reach the production and standard in 2022. The construction contents include methanol Joint Center (coal unloading and storage unit, coal gasification unit, conversion unit, purification unit, gas separation unit, methanol unit, sulfur unit, etc.), ethanol unit (dimethyl ether, carbonylation, hydrogenation, separation, compression, heating furnace, refrigeration station, etc.), as well as the newly-built part of public works and auxiliary facilities. The design and conversion of coal is 1.22 million tons / year.

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