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This Tea Strainer Made Me a Loose Leaf Convert

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Update time : 2020-05-09 14:13:31

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Ever heard of “tea dust”? That’s what tea experts summon the mystery inside a standard-issue, single-use tea bag, and it’s no a compliment. base leaves are always lower characteristic than loose-leaf tea, and they oxidize more quickly, taking flavor and aroma across with it.

I’m no tea expert—just a tea fan. however during at the final decade, I’ve grow a loose leaf convert. It started while my friend Erin gifted me the though Life tea strainer, and I noticed a discrepancy precise away. loose leaf tea has more nuance and depth: I can indeed taste the bergamot at Earl Grey, and fragrance those roasty, nutty notes at hojicha. I though robust alike that it’s less wasteful than individually wrapped, single-use tea bags.

strainer avoids complete of that.' data-reactid="22">The tap at loose leaf is that it’s more work. And with most strainers, that’s true, though most strainers are annoying. You eat ought scoop the tea, then win it into one of those small tea balls without spilling complete at the counter. Tea balls eat fine, elastic mesh that can though robust exist difficult ought sweep and they typically don’t seal perfectly, hence rogue leaves drift into the tea. (DIY loose leaf tea bags are a decent option, however during they however ask packing and they’re though robust a bit more wasteful than reusable strainers.) however during the though Life strainer avoids complete of that.

This strainer is though broad though most standard mugs, hence dropping at a few leaves is no balancing act. That additional space though robust lets the tea leaves bounce nearly alike the inflatable guys outer a car dealership, exposing them ought more fever and water, which releases more flavor. The company mystery makes cleaning easy. Plus, the nifty cover acts though a landing pad, holding the strainer while you accept it out of the tea with negligible mess. I own one at dwelling and at work, though now that I’ve started making tea with this strainer, I’d quite no do it any other way.

Honestly, my favorite segregate of making tea with the strainer is the ritual of it all. Scooping at the leaves, removing the strainer and letting the liquid leak down, placing it at its small lid. Sure, it’s a *little* more vocation than a tea bag, however during ought me, it feels alike a welcome, forced meditation—a mingle minutes at the morning where I’m focused at my tea, and nothing else.

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